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Posted by on May 24, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Improve Your Morning With Weed K-Cups

Weed and Coffee

Improve your morning by waking up with weed K-Cups.

Stoners and coffee addicts rejoice. K-cup coffee pods are going green, just not in the way most would expect. The containers, which are notoriously bad for the environment, are still notoriously bad for the environment, but now there is an option to purchase a version filled with cannabis-laced coffee. With these new weed k-cups, making cannabis coffee is now as simple as inserting a pod and pushing a button. While weed coffee isn’t a new concept, a few innovators on the west coast have started making weed-infused k-cups. One such coffee pod called Catapult retails for $10 each, or $37 for a pack of six. It contains 10 milligrams of THC, the compound in marijuana that produces a high.

While Colorado has seen the lion’s share of international attention surrounding its legal marijuana market, Washington state’s regulated cannabis program has fittingly owned up to its regional reputation as Coffee Paradise, U.S.A. Recreational weed has only been legal in Washington state for just over a year, but it didn’t take innovators long to get crafty. A new kind of “drinkable” called Legal premiered last June to much fanfare in both coffee and soda versions. Packed with 22 milligrams of THC, the brew gives drinkers a slight high. After the premiere of Legal, a new product has been created called Catapult. This is an infused coffee that comes conveniently packaged in Keurig-styled K-Cups handy for single-serve brews.

The coffee’s maker, Fairwinds Manufacturing, describes the blend as “a premium series of cannabis-infused coffee beans that feature local Northwest coffee roasters whom supply premium, freshly roasted coffee beans from coffee regions throughout the world.” “They’ve been a hit,” Tedd Wetherbee, owner The Gallery pot shop in Tacoma, said of Fairwinds’ cannabis-infused coffee products. “People enjoy the novelty of it. As this market grows, people are looking for more and more products and more and more ways to enjoy their marijuana. Washington and coffee, Seattle and coffee go hand in hand, and the Fairwinds people came up with this idea that makes a lot of sense.” Wetherbee said the Fairwinds infused coffees are the first and only coffee product he’s sold since opening — though he also carries a line of infused teas “so your normal evening chamomile tea will now come along with 10 milligrams of THC to come along with it.”

Stoner Cinema: The Top Hat & The Bunny

Waking up with weed infused coffee might be great for those that need an extra boost for getting out of bed, but for those that don’t like coffee, weed edibles are a better choice. Two of the best things on this earth are good food and good weed. If you are lucky enough to live in a state with legalized medical marijuana, weed cookbooks will help you create the perfect dish to get you feeling good. There are recipes that will spark the interest of experienced cannabis cooks and “budding” chefs, whether they’re looking for the perfect midnight munchie or just to take dinner to a higher level.

With the ease and convience of weed K-cups and edibles, marijuana has never been easier to enjoy. However, there are many states that are against legalizing pot. The battle over legalization of weed is as relevant today as the battle against prohibition nearly 100 years ago. Only in America does it take 100 years to learn not to make the same mistake again. There are many articles that offer insight and validation to the ongoing war against the conservative religious and far right elements that would keep humankind from toking and smoking. Weed is no longer an alternative recreational drug. The sour flower has been gaining popularity with mainstream culture steadily over the past few decades and the obsession is only starting.










Buy Pot Leaf Bikini

Weed is no longer an alternative recreational drug. Pot has been gaining popularity with mainstream culture steadily over the past few decades and the obsession is only starting. Increased measures to pursue legalization in places like Washington, Colorado, and even NYC have helped to accelerate its acceptance as a form of recreation. Even more states have already began utilizing the plant for medicinal purposes. These factors are proving that the marijuana market is being tapped into from every angle on some level, legal or not. Now, any serious stoner knows that while smoking the weed is fun, it’s the hunt for the best strains that can really make the experience. As the industry grows, the smokers relationship with the plant is changing as well.

Whether freaky or geeky, marijuana is common ground for all subcultures. For users looking for a smoking experience catered to their hobbies of choice, the creation of new weed infused k-cups is only the beginning.

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