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Library Girl Kendra Sunderland Is The Most Provocative Star At Exxxotica


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Lexx Long

Lexx is an erotic photographer that focuses on the BDSM subculture in the D.C. area. He can often be found in his studio working with his models or at his girlfriend’s house where they both teach others the proper and safe way to incorporate BDSM. Due to his years behind the camera, Lexx is no stranger to all things kink and enjoys sharing his experiences on Filthy Gorgeous.

At Filthy Gorgeous Media, we celebrate the right to use your body any way you want to, which is why the staff at FGM are big advocates for porn stars. Many people stereotype porn stars as being trashy, emotionally “broken,” or someone who choose to have sex in front of the camera because they had no other way to break money. In order to break down the stereotypes of porn stars, the FGM staff has collected some evidence that disproves these theories and enforces a more positive view on these men and women.

Kendra Sunderland goes from Library Girl to Exxxotica star.

Kendra Sunderland is known for doing more than just reading Moby Dick in the library. As a former student at Oregon State University, she was launched into the spotlight when she filmed a MyFreeCams video in her college library. That video  catapulted her into the spotlight which is turn lead her to be featured in Playboy and Penthouse, two of the most well-known men’s magazines. But while she’s been receiving all this attention from her new fans, she has also received  the same attention from the law. Sunderland was arrested following her library video and was charged with a hefty fine. But that hasn’t stopped Kendra from making the best of her situation.  She turned her library video into business opportunities which includes sex toys that are a big hit for college aged males.

The Phenomena Of Lady Boners Solved

Kendra Sunderland was born and raised in Salem, Oregon where she graduated high school in 2013 and then went on to attend Oregon State University. While trying to find a job to help with her college expenses, she was given the idea of becoming a cam girl for MyFreeCams. When she had her first show was in October 2014,  she realized that it  was something that she really enjoyed. After a suggestion from a user that she would receive more money if she filmed her show in a public place, she took her camera to the OSU library. As oblivious students walked around in the background, Kendra flashed her breasts and masturbated on camera. In January 2015, her library video was recorded and put on Pornhub, which lead her to be recognized as a student of OSU. A few weeks later on January 27, 2015, she was arrested for public indecency. Since then, she has dropped out of college and decided college is no longer a path she wants to take. She has been asked to not return to the Oregon State University campus.

But Kendra isn’t letting a little run in with the law slow her down. This sexy Library Girl signed a deal with Pipedream Products to create her very own line of sex toys, which include a love doll and strokers molded of her vagina and anus. She posed for Playboy, but her pictures were only published on the website.

She also was Penthouse Pet of the Month for the May 2015 issue. In addition to doing the photoshoots, she is partnering with Penthouse‘s parent company, FriendFinder Networks to create, which will be a video devoted to her own cam shows. Kendra’s next business move is her appearance at New Jersey’s Exxxotica Expo in Edison the weekend of November 13, 2015. We anticipate that everyone will be vying for a chance to see the Oregon Library Girl.

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