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Posted by on Aug 11, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Looners Enjoy The Filthy Fetish Of Balloons


When it comes to filthy fetishes, there are some looners that get sexually aroused by balloons.

Some men prefer bondage, others prefer balloons. When it comes to fetishes, some people are attracted to non sexual objects or body parts, like feet and stuffed animals. A sexual fetishism is defined as a sexual attraction to an object that plays a big role in his or her’s sexuality. Virtually everyone has a fetish of some kind whether it is feet, latex, lacquer, and leather. Then there are the more bizarre which include furries, armpits, and balloons. Like with any fetish, there is range of likes and dislikes surrounding the kink. For some men that have a balloon fetish, they like nothing better than to spend their time watching women blowing up, over-inflating, and bursting colorful balloons. There are poppers, non-poppers, and in some cases semi-poppers. Balloons come in all shapes and sizes, and the fetish for them is just as diverse.

A fetish is typically caused by an early interest, or in some cases, a fear of an object that would later develop into a sexual attraction. According to studies, a vast majority of looners express a sexual interest in balloons before the age of 14. Whether this stems from either an attraction or a hatred for balloons, the fact is, that these children always had the feeling that balloons are special. As children we are attracted more to some things than others and these things will then obviously get more attention. We learn about the world through their senses, and balloons have much to offer all our senses.

A child will also identify themselves with the feeling of a soft balloon against their skin. Latex is generally characterized by the skin-like texture, so the child will obviously identify the feeling right away as something comfortable. This feeling also might be comparable to the feeling of a pair of breasts later in life. Yet, the early fascination of an object may have a major impact later in life. It is very common, that any random object standing nearby, or being used while a person gets his or her’s first orgasm may later evolve into a fetish for that certain object, especially if the object is frequently used as an aid in masturbation, simply because it worked the first time.

Blonde Blows Balloon Up

The attraction to balloons can range from the erotic to more sensual. Someone who is a popper likes popping balloons, while non-poppers do not. A popper usually finds popping sexually arousing and considers it to be  ‘the main event’. They play with balloons with the intent to pop them. Yet, there are some poppers that have a fear of balloons popping, but they find it arousing so they do it anyway. A non popper would probably prefer to play with balloons in ways that do not involve popping the balloon. Some non poppers have a fear of balloons popping and adamantly dislike it, calling it a waste. Others just find the non popping activity more sexually arousing and are rather indifferent to popping.

However, poppers, non poppers, and semi poppers all have one thing in common. They see balloons as something exciting and special. Our brains are designed to remember positive experiences more so than negative once. Since the majority of experiences surrounding a person’s first orgasm is often times a very pleasant experience, the brain will also capture what happened in their environment while that pleasant experience happened. That means the brain will make a connection between the pleasant experience, which in some cases is sexual satisfaction, and the object that was used to achieve the pleasurable feeling which in this case is a balloon.

Filthy Fetishes









It has been discovered that some looners care more about the balloon’s size, color, and brand, rather than just the feel of the balloon. Some prefer solid colored balloons and others prefer transparent balloons. There are some that say that size is crucial and the bigger the better. Some looners can achieve an orgasm simply by blowing up balloons until they pop. Although many people with fetishes are able to hide them from other people, there are some who prioritize their fetish much more than their partners. This usually results in making that person very introverted, and some even quit searching for partners.

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