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Posted by on Jan 20, 2016 in News | 0 comments

Mainstream Movie Sex Scenes

Sex scenes in movies have become the ultimate tease for our voyeuristic society. In the years since the height of the Guccione Era, movie sex has become more technologically sophisticated. Prosthetics, digitization, and other tricks of the trade can make fake sex look realer than real. Of course, in the mainstream world, the MPAA and its rating system is eager to put a damper on the Hollywood creatives who want to present new levels of verisimilitude to multiplex patrons. But most of us understand what the power of suggestion can do. Whether they are realistic, or totally over the top, a good sex scene has the power to transform a movie into an Oscar-worthy production. From Basic Instinct to Monsters Ball, the ten mainstream movies in this list have been given the Filthy Gorgeous Seal of Approval. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are the most explicit, but they are the ones with the most powerful things to say.

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