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Posted by on Jan 1, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Mermaids Gargle More Than Saltwater

Some of us have a secret desire to live life as a mermaid or live life with a mermaid. Some think they already are a mermaid, which would explain my niece’s abject refusal to leave any body of water – including the bathtub. Well, if you’re dreaming about splashing among the merfolk, there’s a basic question you must consider first: Are you a saltwater mermaid or a freshwater mermaid? Most people walking terra firma think all mermaids come from the sea. Understandable given the fact that the majority of mermaids depicted in popular culture stepped onto land from the ocean. Darryl Hannah’s character in Splash came ashore in Cape Cod, The Little Mermaid is a princess of the sea frolicking around Denmark, and the twin-tailed mermaid on the Starbucks cup is a Greek siren who lured sea-going mariners to destruction! Do you want whipped with that?

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