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Penthouse Pet Favorite Delia Sheppard


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Lacey Cotton

A 63-year young bad girl stuck in the free spirit mode of her youth. When she’s not nude horseback riding, she writes for Filthy Gorgeous Media. Her bad girl expertise on all things filthy comes from her years of exploring swinger clubs with her late girlfriend, Bella, and small-bit roles in erotic films.

The statuesque looks of Delia Sheppard made her the center of attention in the eyes of many. Delia first got her start in the spot light as an internationally acclaimed dancer and fashion model. When Delia Sheppard was named the Penthouse Pet of the Month in 1988, she added yet another extraordinary role to her impressive list of achievements. But even Delia couldn’t have predicted just how successful she would be one day. As Delia once said, she was born “in the wilds of Africa.” However, the future Penthouse Pet would go on to leave Africa and live in France for four years during the 1980′s. When she was interviewed about her life in Paris, Delia stated, “Living there has enhanced my already passionate nature. Europeans are uninhibited and truly passionate about everything in life: cooking, shopping, art, loving…”

Delia Sheppard was a Penthouse Pet favorite.

Loving was one of Delia’s many areas of expertise. With her perfect 34-21-34 figure, she said she could identify with the sexually uninhibited nature, ambition, inner strength, and humor of Catherine the Great, “I have the same effect on men. Their entire bodies become erect, not just their cocks… I wish to totally complete the man I love, intellectually, physically, and emotionally.” She exuded a Danish cool, the refined culture of France, the energy of Sun City, and the professionalism of the Royal Academy of Dance. Combined all together, Delia was a rare beauty of soul with and  striking good looks.

Guccione, Hefner, Flynt, And Goldstein Are The Emperors Of Smut

However, Delia proved she was more than just a beautiful blonde. Although she was the Penthouse Pet of the Month as Miss April 1988, she was also Karen, the buxom redhead assistant and eye candy of shady fight promoter George Washington Duke in the 1990 film, Rocky V. She starred opposite Sylvester Stallone and Talia Shire. She also played leading roles in American B-movies like Sexbomb and Mirror Images. In Mirror Images, perhaps one of her most well-known roles, Sheppard portrayed a beautiful redhead named Kaitlin, who sought to escape her boring, but wealthy, life and her uncommunicative husband. In order to do so, she assumes the identity of her outgoing, blond, identical twin sister, Shauna. When she leaves town, Kaitlin, disguised as her sister, soon becomes embroiled with a psychotic serial killer who is stalking Shauna.

During her time in show business, she kept her body fit because she had worked as a dancer previously, and had a profound respect for her body, “As important as it is to be in touch with your body, a more enduring facet is being in touch with your inner self.” Delia also kept fit by doing yoga, “As important as being in touch with your body is being in touch with your inner being… your soul. I believe meditation isn’t sitting for 20 minutes in isolation. Real meditation is 24 hours a day, the unbroken awareness of yourself as a source.”

Penthouse magazine launched in 1969, just under 20 years before Delia and other Pets, such as Jacqui De La Cruz, Kelley Wild, and Kimberly Taylor were named as Pets. So many men wanted to be Bob Guccione and even more women wanted to be photographed by him. Without professional training, Guccione applied his knowledge of painting to his photography, establishing the diffused, soft focus look that would become one of the trademarks of the magazine’s pictorials. He would sometimes take several days to complete a shoot because he was a perfectionist. The pictorials in Penthouse offered more sexually explicit content than was commonly seen in most openly sold men’s magazines of the era. The magazine won several awards for design and illustrations and it even won the 1985 New York Art Directors’ Club Gold Medal in Photography.

But in addition to featuring gorgeous women like Delia in his magazine, he offered editorial content that was more sensational and the magazine’s writings was far more investigative than other men’s magazines, with stories about government cover-ups and scandals. The magazine featured “The Vietman Veterans Adviser,” a column that began in 1974 and was the first to pursue the question of American’s treatment of its Vietnam veterans. The column has since been called a vital part of change and social awareness during this time. Another column called “Advise and Dissent” featured well-known writers presenting their points of view on serious topical issues. Some of the writers of this column included Harrison Salisbury, William F. Buckley Jr., Morton Downey Jr., and Karen DeCrow. Meanwhile, writers such as Craig S. Karpel, James Dale Davidson and Ernest Volkman, as well as the critically acclaimed Seymour Hersh, exposed numerous scandals and corruption at the highest levels of the United States Government.

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