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Playboy TV Review: Read Watch It for the Articles Videos

Playboy TV Review

Playboy TV Review: Featuring uncensored video entertainment of the most beautiful models.

Let’s admit it guys – looking at nudie magazines and watching porn is something we have been doing since we were in our early teens. From that first video you rented to watch secretly in your room while your parents were sleeping, to today, when you’re able to watch some hot action on your smart phone, porn has not seen a major change in over 50 years – until now. Playboy TV has revolutionized the way one can enjoy porn by combing two of the best things, centerfold quality girls and sex. Remember looking at your first Playboy? The girls in the centerfold were always the hottest but you were only able to get off by using her still image and a lot of imagination. Well thanks to Playboy TV, no imagination is needed. That woman you lusted over is now lusting over different guys, girls, or both, in an all new viewing experience.

Originally known as The Playboy Channel, Playboy TV focused mainly on soft-core and hardcore adult erotica, including motion pictures, first-run television series, and specials. The programming content on Playboy TV is more explicit than the softer material of its magazine counterpart and in recent years, it has begun showing sex acts including oral and vaginal penetration in some programs. Although they do not show any explicit ejaculation or anal on television, the internet is a whole different area where anything goes. This site differs from any other porn site due to the quality of content, the quality of girls, and the quality that is synonymous with Playboy. Take their advice, “Porn is dead. Enter a new world.” and sign up for a subscription and enjoy a whole new world of pleasure.

These are the multiple channels to reveal once a viewer has a subscription. From gangbangs to solo acts, there is no kink that can’t be satisfied.

Playboy TV’s Celebrity Sex Tales

Tales of sexual adventures straight from the mouths of your favorite celebrities. Ever wonder who Greg Brady aka Barry Williams, had sex with? Well let’s just say, it was more than a bunch! Watch some of the most beloved actors and actresses in television history reenact some of their craziest sexual exploits and if you’re lucky, you might see some of them naked again.

Playboy TV’s Naughty Dorm Videos

It’s like girls gone wild, but better! The Naughty Dorm channel features the wildest co-eds in America. From naked dance parties to sex games, this sex fueled channel guarantees no hangovers in the morning! Alcohol makes these girls’s panties drop and with unlimited beer funnels and blow jobs, these sexy college girls will make anyone wish they were still in school.

Playboy TV’s Hot Babes Doing Stuff Naked

Consider this channel as a type of foreplay before the big bang. Although no actual sex acts actually occur, the slow motion videos of naked girls horseback riding, roller skating, and fishing, are sexually arousing for any voyeurist. Generally shot in a humorous tone, these segments focus on some of the hottest women to ever undress on camera, including Daisy Marie, who was among the pornographic actresses who appeared in the welcome home party scene for Jax Teller after his release from prison in the Season 7 premiere of Sons of Anarchy, which aired on September 9, 2014.

Playboy TV’s Badass

Badass extreme sports and wild nude women – what could be sexier? Well, Playboy takes the two, drags them out to the desert and lets them rip. This reality show features female models participating in outrageous stunts, which is a similar concept to their television series, Hot Babes Doing Stuff Naked. Badass mixes nudity, action, and adventure all into one sexy thrill that is sure to pleasure any daredevil watching at home. Filthy Gorgeous Media respects bad girls because behind every good man is a woman who has a naughty side. Good girls believe in love, integrity, and respect. Bad girls like to tease, dominate, and excite.

Playboy TV’s Foursome

The foursome channel features four sexy singles that get together for 24 hours and see what they can get away with. Originally promoted as an adult reality dating series, it aired five seasons on Playboy TV and then revamped. Playmates and models generally instigate the first round sexually-oriented party games, followed by “field trips” to Hollywood clubs, massage parlors, or trendy bars. What transpires between the participants varies depending on factors such as chemistry. In some episodes, they may engage in one or more sexual encounters. If you want to participate in an orgy like this instead of just giving in to your voyeuristic tendencies, Filthy Gorgeous has the advice you need to get started.

Playboy TV’s Summer Lovin

No tan lines on these perky titties! Summer Lovin features the best aspects of the summer, hot girls in bikinis getting wet. From sexy surfer babes to beach tan hotties, these sexy girls live out their wildest sexual fantasies, with each other. From not-so-innocent girls next door, to Hollywood starlets walking into water fully clothed, the sexiest scenes take place by a pool. Filthy Gorgeous Media knows that sex is better wetter and we salute the sexiest women to have ever taken a naked lap.

Playboy TV’s Dollhouse

Amateur European girls bare it all under the hot lights and in front of the camera. No dialogue is needed because the bumping beats and beautiful bodies do all the talking. From underground night clubs to the sexiest bedroom scenes found anywhere, Dollhouse is a European orgy that will have you booking a trip abroad.

Playboy TV’s Swing

The swinger lifestyle has been openly popular since the early 1990’s and this channel features couples that enjoy getting it on with other sexy couples. When committed men and women embrace the “lifestyle”, they experience forbidden pleasures and extra partners in the bedroom. Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, sex and relationship expert, hosts the show and keeps viewers informed that the people on this show are normal people, with normal jobs, except for one thing, they like to have sex with people outside their relationship. Girl on girl action, full couple swapping, and face sitting, swingers keep their relationships exciting.

Playboy TV’s Jazmin’s Touch

Spicy Latinas are a favorite on Filthy Gorgeous, and with so many caliente porn stars in the business, it is hard to separate yourself from the rest. However, Jazmin’s Touch is the best Latina porn in the business. Jazmin has the power to awaken hidden sexual desires in any person she touches and she invites lonely women to her exotic villa and literally transforms their lives with erotic trysts, wild parties, and a staff of men and women eager to service any need. Although the plot is scripted, the orgasms are real, and the so is the satisfaction that the viewers experience.

Playboy TV’s Night Calls

Two of the hottest girls to ever work for Playboy TV, Jesse Jane and Kristen Price, join together to take the sexiest, raunchiest calls from viewers all night long. Want to see Jesse get eaten out by two other girls? Give them a call and suggest it! These two are kinky and willing to do anything to please their fans. Watch them strip, give blowjobs, and play with each other, all night long!

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