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Rubberists Know How To Enjoy The Smoothness Of Rubber


Rubberists get aroused from smelling, touching, wearing, and ultimately enjoying the smoothness of rubber.

Never leave home without a rubber! While this saying actually refers to condoms, participants in rubber fetishism take this advice very literally. A sexual fetishism is defined as a sexual attraction to an object that plays a big role in his or hers sexuality. When it comes to fetishes, there are limitless possibilities. While some people participate in fetishes involving feet, feathers, or voyeurism, more bizarre fetishes include furries, and balloons. People are always curious about what they don’t know or understand, especially when the topic is considered taboo. Although fetishes aren’t as much of a culture shock as they once were, rubberism is one fetish that has yet to be explored by the masses.

Rubber fetishism is a subculture of BDSM and involves rubber. Individuals who participate in this fetish refer to themselves as “rubberists,” and gay men who participate call themselves “rubbermen.” Although rubber is typically the only material that they enjoy, this fetish often intertwines with latex and PVC fetishism descriptions and groups.

Attraction to the material can range from wearing it, touching it, and even smelling it. The way the garment looks on a person creates the image of a “second skin” which makes it appealing to rubberists worldwide because the person appear to be naked or coated in a shiny liquid, such as oil or paint. The scent of rubber is also a form of arousal to some fetishists. To enhance this attraction, the scent of the material can be strengthened using chemicals. Although many kinks are kept in the bedroom, rubberists have started to become public with their attraction to the smooth seduction that only rubber can provide.

While the most stereotypical rubberist clothing includes a skin-tight black bodysuit, there are also many accessories that can be added to complete the ensemble. Full face hoods and gas masks can cover the rubberists face and head. Individual rubber pieces like shoes, pants, skirts, tops, corsets, and gloves can be matched to create an outfit. Other popular rubberist gear includes wet suits, splash suits, and Mackintoshes. Rubberists aren’t required to be completely covered, but with the lack of identity to others, they can claim an alternate personality and character. Garments are created in a variety of different colors to add a different sense of arousal for individuals.

As a subfetish of BDSM, rubberists often participate in the specifics of the community. Devices like rubber body bags can be implemented to enhance pleasure, for example. These rubber body bags involve an individual crawling into the bag so only their head or face are exposed. Once they are securely in the bag, the air inside is removed, leaving the individual in a vacuum sealed bag, unable to move. This form of submission results in being teased or tortured (sexually and willingly) into ecstasy. When the fun is over, the bag is then inflated, to allow the individual to move around freely. In this way, the dominant/submissive relationship is acted out, giving one person complete power while the other is compliant.

Rubberism also taps into role play. Individuals can add full face masks and tails that portray a certain animal to get the full effect. They can act like that specific animal in sounds and behaviors in order to please their master. One role play that is commonly acted out is rubber ponies, which is when an individual dresses in his or her rubber outfit with a pony mask and tail. There are even reigns and a bit that must be worn in order to accurately portray a pony in training. Their “trainer” or “owner” will request things of them, such as to trot or leap, as a real horse would. If the trainer is unhappy with their actions and performance, they may be whipped or punished to show the dissatisfaction.

One of the most public displays of rubberists occurred at the London Gay Pride March in 2012, where a group of rubberists came together to form an organized section of human puppies and their handlers within the parade. One woman who participated wore a leather cat suit, had her ankles fastened to her thighs and wore knee pads to protect her knees. She was walked on a leash down the streets in the parade. She, and others, barked, yelped, and howled down the city streets while many spectators, from the business men to the tourists’ children, stopped to pet the rubber human dogs.

Ultimately, this sector of fetishism is usually deemed perverted and unusual. However, fetishes are not as socially forbidden as they once were. There are forums and exclusive groups for individuals who are interested, and there is acceptance within that specific community. By participating in a fetish that hides your identity, you can create a new persona and allow yourself to embrace being a completely different person.

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