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Posted by on Feb 24, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Salma Hayek Is A Kick Ass Prostitute In Everly


Salma Hayek stars as a kick ass prostitute in the new action film Everly. 

Salma Hayek discovered her inner bad ass for the new mayhem-packed thriller Everly. From the red carpet to the strip clubs, celebrities know how to fit any role and when it comes to acting, Hayek is no stranger to taking it all off for the camera. From her roles in Desperado to Dogma, Hayek has enticed her fans with glimpses of her sexy physique. One of her most notable on screen strip tease performance is in her 1996 film, From Dusk Till Dawn. Hayek stars as the club’s star performer, Santánico Pandemónium, a seductive vampire, who performs a sensual strip tease while holding a snake. In an interview Hayek stated she was apprehensive about it, “I had to put on a bikini and dance with a snake that’s 11 feet long and make it organic. I went to the extent that I created a relationship with this snake. I mean in my mind it had to have a meaning so that I could go into a trance. I had to go to hypnosis. So, that was a dance with my inner powers. I was not just dancing; it had a meaning to it. So, that was really, really challenging.” After conquering that challenge, Hayek was set to tackle a new role. This time, as a kick ass assassin in her new movie, Everly.


In the film, which opens theatrically Feb. 27, Hayek plays a prostitute who must fight off wave after wave of assassins in a single apartment after attempting to inform on her boss, a yakuza gangster. As Hayek’s titular character gets increasingly bruised and battered in the course of the shot-in-sequence movie, Lynch found himself ordering the Mexican actress and famous beauty be slathered with more and more filth and gore during the production. “Every time we slapped blood or a bruise or a scrape on her, I was sitting there going, ‘I’m destroying a perfect work of art!’” he says. It’s like Pollock coming in and splattering paint all over the Mona Lisa. I mean, she’s divine. She was just so game from day one to jump into the fray. She kept on asking for more blood and more grime on her.”

Lynch was originally inspired to make the film by his love for Die Hard and the director’s desire to put his own claustrophobic spin on John McTiernan’s much-imitated action classic. “All I’d grown up with was, ‘It’ s Die Hard on a bus!’, ‘It’s Die Hard on a boat!’, ‘It’s Die Hard on something!’” he says. “I thought, Okay, what’s the most micro level of that? And then Buried came out and I’m like, ‘Dammit, it’s Die Hard in a coffin!’ But I have Salma, and a lot of guns, and Yakuza guys. So, screw you, Ryan Reynolds!”

Read the entire Entertainment Weekly article, How Everly director Joe Lynch turned Salma Hayek into a kick-ass action hero, here.

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