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Posted by on Feb 14, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Sasha Grey In Filthy Shades of Grey

sashaFilthy Gorgeous Media presents the nude A.M.C. (adult material and content) movie trailer for Filthy Shades Of Sasha Grey. “He pushes the wand against me again and again, stopping just at the vital moment each time.” – 50 Shades Of Grey. Eager women everywhere are squeezing their thighs shut in anticipation of finally seeing their Christian and Anastasia fantasy come to life. From movie trailers, cast interviews, and a lot of female gossip, there is no way to escape the Fifty Shades frenzy that has taken over this February. So what are women expecting out of the spicy hit novel turned film? Reviews are mixed that’s for sure. While some women would see the movie even if Seth Rogen was casted as Christian Grey, others are gung-ho about boycotting the film altogether (or at least until it hits DVD). What most don’t understand is why there has to be so many Fifty Shades Of Grey haters. As readers and lovers of the all three volumes, fans would like to give a big fuck you to all the women who are making the Grey fans feel guilty. The truth is Fifty Shades of Grey is so much more than just a steamy novel turned movie. It is a sexual revolution. Not only has the series opened up women’s eyes to an entirely new world of sexual exploration and satisfaction, but it has also allowed the act of sexual pleasure, including the use of toys, to be more socially acceptable. In large stores such as Target, one can come across a FSOG pleasure kit, which includes lube, a blindfold, a feather, bath oil, and massage wax.

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