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Posted by on Feb 7, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Scarlett Johansson In SexVengers


The Avenger’s Scarlett Johansson debuts again as the sexy Black Widow in SexVengers.

Any ScarJo fan will tell admit that they have fantasized about what she looks like when she takes off that tight black leather jumpsuit. When Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron was announced, the news was met with excitement from people in attendance at the 2013 ComicCon. The excitement was interspersed with speculation as to whether or not the film would be an adaptation of the Age of Ultron miniseries. In SexVengers, Scarlett Johansson is still a highly trained assassin but if her looks could kill, then her nude scenes could make anyone drop dead.

While some might pretend they do not know what a porn parody is, a majority of them have seen one. Porn parodies have existed for almost as long as pornography itself and they are typically a loose remake of a film or television show, performed by adult film actors and featured a plot that leads to two or more characters getting it on. These parodies have seen a major resurgence lately, thanks largely to the popularity of sci-fi and superhero movies and an apparently popular desire to see the characters in them take their clothes off on screen.


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As a result, there have been multiple of movies made that most would consider unthinkable, coming as they do from children’s cartoons or horror movies, which are not classically sexy material. Over the last two years, Filthy Gorgeous Media has experienced the evolution of Rule 34,which if it exists, there is a porn made of it. From the deviant minds of the staff we present an experience like no other.

Despite being well known for her role as the master assassin, Black Widow, ScarJo was in a science fiction movie, Under the Skin. One of the very first scenes in the movie features Scarlett Johansson undressing herself. However, she is not taking her own clothes off, she is removing underwear from another Johansson body clone. It is a mysterious tableau in which Johansson’s nameless character is a kind of alien sex predator in the form of an attractive young woman, recently descended onto Earth to seduce, kill, and harvest men. She completes this mission by trolling the streets of Scotland.

Nude A.M.C. Movie Trailer: SexVengers

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