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Sex Advice: How To Flirt With Fashion


Most men are attracted to a woman who knows how to look flirty but fashionable.

We both know that when you’re marketing a product, especially yourself, packaging is important. Unless you catch the buyer’s eye, you’ll never be taken off the shelf. That doesn’t mean you have to be beautiful, but you had better be attractive and have individuality. You’ll never get into the shopping cart, much less his home, unless you appear interesting. You must spend a great deal of time to find the right clothes to flatter your figure. Pore over the fashion magazine, study women whose taste you admire, try on many different styles in the department stores. If you’ve always wondered what you would look like in a black velvet jump suit or a slinky cashmere dress, don’t wonder. Try them on and see for yourself.

Learn your figure faults and then try to steer the eye away from them. I have a small waist and wide hips for instance, which means you’ll never catch me in a straight or pleated skirt. Instead, I look for dresses with a soft flare or an A line and shift my area of accent to the neck with a flattering collar or beautiful scarf.

If you have a great bustline for fat legs, burn your textured stockings and go for dresses, sweaters, and blouses in clinging fabrics and provocative styles that set off the wonder of your cleavage. If you are flat chested but have divine legs, stay away from low necklines and wear the shortest skirts you can get away with and the sheerest or wildest hose, paired with very feminine shoes.

Learn to follow fashion but don’t let it enslave you. If this is the year that everyone is wearing sexy little black dresses, you wear something gold. Just think how much more easily he’ll be able to find you at that crowded party. If this year’s colors are sea green and pumpkin, but he likes blue, then wear plenty of blue. Before you let them wrap up that yummy creation that is going to cost a week’s salary, be sure to sit down in it and study your reflection in the mirror. Does it pull, pucker, or hike up? Walk around. Does the skirt keep you from moving gracefully? Raise your arms toward the ceiling. Is a sudden impetuous desire to wrap yourself around his neck going to cause an embarrassing rip? Bend over. Do the seams around your derriere bulge out? Clothes that don’t fit properly are not sexy.

Stripping Off Her Stockings

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Find out what colors are flattering to you and wear them, then work like the devil to accent your good features and hid the bad. Make-up can be a woman’s ally or enemy, depending on the skill and  taste of the applier. Properly used, make-up will enhance your looks. Applied improperly, it can make you look like an escapee from a side show.

Many of the ultra-chic beauty salons have a resident expert. most department stores invite make-up artists to visit their stores and advise you how to apply make-up, what foundations are right for your skin tone, and how to play up your beautiful features. There are also several magazines which have monthly articles on make-up, and there are a number of good books.

Flirty Fashion


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Unless your man is allergic to it, wear perfume. Finding the right one will take some experimenting. You’ll know you got a winner when several people tell you that you smell heavenly and they want to know what scent you’re wearing. Although it might seem trivial, make sure your fingernails and toenails are always well manicured and that your polish is not chipped. As a rule, most men don’t like long dragon fingernails. Ask your man what he prefers. If he has a kinky side, he might prefer them a little longer so you can scratch his back during intimate moments.

My last piece of advice on appearance is about shoes. Try on all the shoes you want to own, before buying them. This will help reduce the risk of spending a fortune on a pair of pumps that is going to leave unsightly blisters.

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