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Posted by on Mar 28, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Sex Advice: Increasing Your Libido


For many, libidos can decline with age but this sex advice will help keep your sexual appetite strong.

Certainly you have a sexual appetite. If you didn’t you wouldn’t have gotten yourself involved in such a funny-looking activity. I’m sure if creatures from Mars or Venus were peering at us during intercourse, they would laugh at our antics. If they could feel what we feel though, you can bet they’d leap from those flying saucers and into the sack immediately. Most of the time, if you are a full woman, you are busting with sexual appetites, especially if you’ve reached your mid- or late thirties. It is then that you come into your sexual prime and unless you get some debilitating illness, that prime of yours will stay with you as long as you live.

If you are loving sex at age forty, you are still going to love it at ages sixty and eighty.┬áMaybe you though you were going to be crocheting potholders and watching re-runs of I Love Lucy on TV when you get old, but you can still be having sex! Sexual appetite is crucial to good lovemaking for two reasons. First, it gives you the impetus to explore your man’s body with your own, thereby exciting him into being a better lover. Secondly, it sparks you into reaching out for the physical pleasure you are entitled to.

Value your sexual appetite highly and learn to understand its many moods. Are you dormant at the beginning of your period perhaps, or maybe at the peak when you are menstruating? Low in the morning and high at night? Are you fiery in the early afternoon and tepid after dinner? Do you wake up in the middle of the night aching for him? Are you most passionate during the fourteenth or fifteenth day of the month? If fatigue makes you go cold sexually, do you make sure to get in a half hour nap on the days your man is likely to be in the mood for love? When you drink, have you learned to know when the liquor has ceased to be a stimulant and is about to turn you numb? Have you discovered what caresses unleash your sexual appetite and how to prolong or hurry sexual ecstasy?

Nymphomaniac Gets Her Fill

As a woman, it is your responsibility to know fully the rhythms and whims of your body. If you’ve never paid attention, start today by keeping a little diary for the next three months. note down the date and time of day when you become sexually excited and/or make love. After intercourse or masturbation, briefly rate your sexual response as superb, good, indifferent, or lousy. You’ll soon realize a great deal about yourself physically.

Then you will be able to appreciate and intelligently use your sexual appetite as it was intended to be used: a crucial key of good lovemaking.

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