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Posted by on Mar 14, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Sex Advice: Know The Risks


When it comes to being intimate with someone, know the risks that come along with the pleasure.

There is no denying that there are risks involved in love making.

Carelessness can cause an unwanted pregnancy. Your husband or lover can give you a venereal disease. The very thought of syphilis or gonorrhea makes my stomach turn over and probably gives you the same reaction but not the worst thing that could happen to you in this life. You are taking far greater risks smoking cigarettes than making love because you have to have good luck to be be engaging in sex at a time when medical science is able to knock out that venereal diseases in rapid order.

I would hardly call syphilis and gonorrhea status-symbol diseases, but a number of famous and highly respectable people have been stricken with them. Why, just the other day I was reading the biography of Jenny Churchill and much to my surprise, it mentioned that her husband, Lord Randolph, had syphilis.

If you do get a sore or discharge or feeling that something is wrong in your genital area, don’t sit around frozen in fear. Run to your gynecologist and get checked. The longer you wait, the harder venereal diseases are to detect and cure. Cry “help” to the doctor and “murder” to the man who gave it to you but don’t let those neighbors hear you. The day hasn’t quite arrived when venereal diseases are something to brag about.

Venereal disease is not the only disagreeable thing you can get from sexual intercourse. My best friend was having an affair with one of the most divine bachelors ever to grace the jet set (you’d know his name immediately) and in a romantic moment over strawberries and espresso at La Grenouille one spring evening he suggested that they take a midnight flight to a charming villa he had at his disposal in the south of France. They went, the villa was indeed charming and the sixteenth-century beds the kind you sink into and never want to get out of- that is until they realize that one of those beds had given them crabs.

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Members of the lice family can attach themselves to the pubic hairs of the woman and all over the man. She was absolutely shattered when her eyes focused on the sight of the loathsome parasites biting into her and although they both got immediate and through treatment, it was weeks before she got rid of that itchy, crawly feeling and really felt clean again. Now when she travels, she’s inclined to favor antiseptic Hilton hotels over romantic but potentially buggy villas.

As unpleasant as venereal diseases, crabs, and unwanted pregnancies can be, the risks aren’t adequate reasons for you to deprive yourself of a wonderful sex life. The chances of any of these calamities descending upon you are slight, and all correctable. You’re in greater danger driving your car to the supermarket.

So relax, and make love.

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