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Posted by on Feb 22, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Sex Advice: Lingerie Can Increase Lust


Some men need to see their women in sexy lingerie in order for them to feel lust.

Men are unbelievably puzzling, stubborn, highly individual, and at times, really in horrible taste when it comes to how they want their ladies to look in bed. That stunning new chemise that you bought because you thought it was seductive may, to him, just look “very nice”. Meanwhile, the nothing little print sundress you got in Jamaica may transform him into a sex fiend. You are going to have to be a bit of a detective to discover just what boudoir attire excites each particular man. Then, adapt yourself to that style, for a man’s idea of what is sexy can be expanded but rarely completely changed.

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I think it must be obvious to you that if you are intending to have a active sex life, you had better not slide between the sheets at night when he’s around, covered with gooey creams, your hairdo protected by a shower cap or bound up in curlers, and your body draped in a baggy, faded old nightgown with a drooping hem and tattered trim. Only a gorilla, a sex fiend, or a man suffering sex deprivation may get aroused in those circumstances.

On the other hand, going to bed wearing social night make-up and yards of provocative black lace is no guarantee of lovemaking either. If your man happens to go for the snow queen type, slinky black lace is not going to turn him on.

There are two ways to discover how he envisions a sex goddess. One is to ask him directly. The second is to experiment with different looks. I personally favor a combination of both tactics. His description of what stimulates him visually is invaluable to you in winning and keeping him and by experimenting with different looks from time to time, you will be effectively using a potent weapon, the element of surprise.

First, let us take a look at a few of the classic boudoir fashions. An astonishing number of men find black garter belts, high heels, and sheer black stockings highly erotic. I personally think they look gaudy, but if the man I love wanted me to wear that get-up, I would do so from time to time. After all, no one else is going to see you and if the picture of you prancing around like an escapee from a decadent French film makes him want to pull you into bed, it would be pretty silly of you to not wear what he likes and benefit from his desire to sweep you away in a plethora of sensuality.


Lingerie For Every Mood









The snow queen look, which is yards and yards of virginal white fabric edged with lace or ruffles, perhaps even with a blue satin sash, makes you look like a canopy or an elegant empire bed covered with embroidered sheets. The challenge of arousing and conquering icy feminine perfection is a tricky one but if it works, then he will be smitten by you. At that point he will usually be an exceptionally ardent lover and buy you expensive trinkets. Great numbers of men still hanker for traditional diaphanous black nightgowns. Almost invariably during the early years of marriage a wife will receive at least one seductive black nightie as a Christmas present from her husband. When that happens, do not say. “Ugh! How revolting!” Be flattered that, instead of picturing you bent over the sink scrubbing last night’s pot roast out of the pan, he envisions you naked except for an ounce or two of black nylon, curled upon the bed smoldering like Pam Grier or Anne Bancroft. 

If you are given completely wicked nightwear, blush if you must, but wear it with pride and wear it often. If he gives you a nightgown suitable for his great-grandmother, then you should start to worry because you’re in trouble as a woman. Although those fluffy short baby doll outfits are pretty much out of fashion at the moment, they do have their moments that lead men to spoon-feed you caviar or ice cream, pet you and buy you enormous stuffed animals. If you crave feeling like a pampered child, try the baby doll look on him and see if he will be your sugar daddy.

Miss Filthy Gorgeous- Sexy Lingerie Casting Call (Pt 5)

Another popular boudoir style is the well scrubbed, just coming into young womanhood look. This is the most effective if you have long, straight hair and wear it simple. Wear a pristine but feminine nightgown in pastels or tiny flower prints. Do keep an eye on the calendar though because you might get your man hooked on that image of you, but it will be hard to pull off when you hit your thirties or forties. I do not even want to discuss how hard it would be in your fifties!

Of course, one of the most sexually stimulating vision he can have when you’re retiring for the night is you, popping into bed, perfumed, powdered, and naked. If you have a good figure, the most attractive thing you can sleep in is your own skin.

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