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Sex Advice: The Best Ways To Use Aphrodisiacs Correctly


From the types of food, to when to eat them, this advice will help you use aphrodisiacs correctly.

I made the mistake of reading up on so-called aphrodisiacs, or love potions, after eating a hearty lunch. The portions that gullible people have downed in an attempt to increase sexual prowess would turn innards? Or perhaps you would refer a concoction of dead bees tossed in a bottle with a little liquid, sealed, left to disintegrate for a couple of months, and then shaken well and swallowed. Or would you be tempted by a serving of powdered partridge brains? If I had to drink those mixtures I would be crawling into a sick bed instead of a love bed, Most of the world must agree with me, for these ancient brews have fallen out favor.

Not all of the aphrodisiacs that men and women have taken over the centuries have been revolting. Some, such as special creams and oils, you didn’t have to eat at all, you just rubbed them on the appropriate organ. They didn’t stir the sexual juices, but they did give you good skin texture.

Other aphrodisiacs have been downright delectable, like oysters, artichokes, caviar, honey, chocolate, eggs, avocados, raw or rare beef, mushrooms, truffles,  and lobster. Delicious foods, yes. Aphrodisiacs, no. Those legends about the magic properties of various foods are all a lot of junk, I’m sorry to say, and while I’m disillusioning you, I might as well add a few more categories to the non-aphrodisiac list, like roots, herbs, and vitamins.

There are a surprising number of people who really believe that ginseng, damiana, aposte, mrytle, and burdcock will make you sexier. I’m afraid if it does, it’s a purely psychological response, as none of these roots and herbs have the power to stir you physically. Now about vitamins and sex. The great vitamin controversy rages one. While there had been research done with cattle showing that vitamin E helps to be better breeders, there was no proof that the bull enjoyed it more or had experienced any sexual stimulation. Go ahead and try 100 International Units a day if you wish. It won’t harm you and, if you get any results, let me know. Hordes of people began taking vitamin E a couple of years ago when a magazine article touted it as a sexual stimulant. Of the people I personally know, including myself, who went on the vitamin E fad, no one reported any increased sexuality.

I asked a nutritionist and several doctors about the rumor that para-aminobenzoic acid, called PABA, for obvious reasons, is an aphrodisiac. The doctors all pooh-poohed it, although they admitted they hadn’t tired this little-known B vitamin. The nutritionist wouldn’t say if he had used PABA as an aphrodisiac or not, but he did state that while PABA didn’t work for women, there was a possibility that, taken in the right dosages, PABA might ave an aphrodisiac effect on men. But before you get too interested, remember that no laboratory or field tests have run to prove or disprove it and some nutritionists feel that PABA, taken in large amounts, can cause a deficiency of other B vitamins.

Need Viagra? Try These Foods Instead

Vitamin C is supposed to give rabbits increased sexual stamina, but there, again, there is no evidence that Vitamin C is anything more than a necessary booster of good health in the human. I am discouraging, aren’t I?

Here are a few more. Pomegranates, ambregris, poppy seeds, and nutmeg will not turn you on sexually, and I guess by now everyone knows that Spanish Fly is not an aphrodisiac but a horrible drug that can cause torturous sensations in this world, and that is love. No chemistry lab will ever be able to duplicate the wondrous effect his look, his voice, and his caress have on your body.

So forget about science or witchcraft coming up with wonder mix that will set your glands on fire and concentrate on teaching your body to respond naturally. Once you have trained on how to be a sensuous woman, you won’t need any artificial stimulants. However, we have learned a few things from the endless experiments of the aphrodisiac hounds that you should keep in mind. For instance, alcohol, taking in mind. For instance, alcohol, taken in small quantities, can be an effective relaxing agent for a man who is still tense and mentally relieving a rough business day. The wise woman knows to feed a man a high protein and low carbohydrate dinner if she wants a good sexual performance from him that night.


Get The Blood Pumping









If she stuffs him with macaroni, bread, potatoes, rich sauces, and cake at seven, he will be snoring in front of the TV by nine and maybe dead with a coronary by ten. Most of the so-called aphrodisiacs in the food category, like oysters, asparagus, mushrooms, and lobster are high energy, low calorie foods. If you pop them into his gullet for dinner, he’s not going to turn into a sex fiend, but after a stack of oysters, he’ll still have room and appetite for you.

Another effective love inducer for the tired, draggy man is sleep. When he staggers in from work, make him take a hot bath, give him a gentle massage and then let him sleep for half an hour. When he wakes up, he will be ready to handle you most improperly. But the best way of all to keep your sex life at aphrodisiac level is to find a man worth loving, who feels the same way about you, and then guard and word hard to deepen the love you feel for each other. So become a sensuous woman and you’ll never find yourself desperately swallowing a dose of mashed lizards or decomposed bees to make you feel sexy. He will be able to make you feel that way just by touching you.

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