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Stripped: Michelle Monaghan


Written By

Lacey Cotton 

A 63-year young bad girl stuck in the free spirit mode of her youth. When she’s not nude horseback riding, she writes for Filthy Gorgeous Media. Her bad girl expertise on all things filthy comes from her years of exploring swinger clubs with her late girlfriend, Bella, and small-bit roles in erotic films.

At Filthy Gorgeous Media, we celebrate a woman’s right to use her body any way she wants to, which is why we are advocates for porn stars and any woman willing to take her clothes off on camera. Many people stereotype these people as trashy, emotionally “broken,” or women who choose to bare it all for the camera because they had to. In order to break down the stereotypes of these women, the FGM staff has collected some evidence that disproves these theories and enforces a more positive view. Stripped is all about stripping away a perceived perception of a woman in order to reveal who she really is. Michelle Monaghan is one woman who has not been afraid to bare her body for the camera.

Michelle Monaghan

Pixel’s Michelle Monaghan has something in common with Pac-Man: they both know how to handle balls. Michelle Monaghan  might not be a name you know but you should definitely reconsider. This brunette babe is a model and actress who has starred in various films and television shows including Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Mission: Impossible III, Made of Honor, Eagle Eye, and True Detective. The 39-year-old started her career in modeling but easily made the transition to acting once her name was out there. Her most recent role is in Adam Sandler’s Pixels movie, which is slated to be released on July 24, 2015. Surrounded by an all male cast, Monaghan is the female lead but don’t worry; she has experience with this kind of stuff.

Michelle Monaghan studied journalism at Columbia College in Chicago and started modeling during her time there. She ended up modeling all over the world in places such as Milan, Singapore, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. Because of this success, she left Columbia College with one semester left of her college career and moved to New York to pursue her dream of acting. Before making her acting debut, she modeled in several magazine and catalogs based in New York City. Monaghan’s big break was as Kimberly Woods in the show Boston Public.


Since then, she has gone on to play important roles in various films and tv shows. Her work includes The Bourne Supremacy, Constantine, Due Date, American Dad!, Machine Gun Preacher, and Nicholas Sparks’ The Best of Me. She was nominated for Saturn Award Best Supporting Actress in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and won the San Diego Film Festival Award for her role in Trucker in 2008. Most notably, Monaghan was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series for HBO’s True Detective in 2015.

The first season of True Detective follows two detectives as they investigate the death of a young woman and find themselves exploring the world of the occult, religious fanatics, child pornography, and the surreal. Monaghan plays one of the only female characters in the show named Maggie Hart, the wife of Martin Hart (Woody Harrelson). She seems to be a sweet housewife at the beginning of the season but shows her sexy and conniving side as the show moves on. Although viewers were upset over her character’s portrayal (and the portrayal of other female characters) because she is mostly seen as one-dimensional, show creator Nic Pizzolatto has gone on the record to say that this was done intentionally because the show is through the eyes of the two male protagonists and that is how they see the women. Either way, Monaghan won in the end because she got a sex scene with Matthew McConaughey and a Golden Globe nomination for her role.

Her newest role is in Adam Sandler’s Pixels. In this film, NASA tries to communicate with aliens by sending a time capsule into space that holds a video of the most important things Earth has to offer in 1982: video games. The aliens see this as an act of war and use the games as models for assaults. The film includes video games such as Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Centipede, Space Invaders, Arkanoid, and Tetris. Monaghan’s character is Lieutenant Colonel Violet van Patten, a unique weapons developer and specialist for the military who joins Sandler’s team to defeat the video games. Monaghan is excited about the film, “Yeah I adore Adam [Sandler]. We had the best time filming Pixels 12 hours a day for three months straight, Adam Sandler, Josh Gad, Peter Dinklage, and myself. It’s a comedy and those guys just know how to roll; their timing is impeccable.”

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