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Stripped: Rachel McAdams


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Lacey Cotton 

A 63-year young bad girl stuck in the free spirit mode of her youth. When she’s not nude horseback riding, she writes for Filthy Gorgeous Media. Her bad girl expertise on all things filthy comes from her years of exploring swinger clubs with her late girlfriend, Bella, and small-bit roles in erotic films.

At Filthy Gorgeous Media, we celebrate a woman’s right to use her body any way she wants to, which is why we are advocates for porn stars and any woman willing to take her clothes off on camera. Many people stereotype these people as trashy, emotionally “broken,” or women who choose to bare it all for the camera because they had to. In order to break down the stereotypes of these women, the FGM staff has collected some evidence that disproves these theories and enforces a more positive view. Stripped is all about stripping away a perceived perception of a woman in order to reveal who she really is. Rachel McAdams is one woman who has not been afraid to bare her body for the camera.

SouthPaw’s Rachel McAdams strips down and delivers a knockout.

In SouthPaw Rachel McAdams’s incredible acting is on full display; but it’s her body that is a total knockout. This Canadian graduated from York University in 2001 and began working on Canadian tv shows and films. Her first Hollywood role was in The Hot Chick with Rob Schneider and she continued to make her name with Mean Girls, The Notebook, About Time, and recently the second season of True Detective. McAdams also stars in Southpaw alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, released on July 24 2015. This film is about a boxing champion who loses everything and has to win it back in the ring. Before McAdams was taking on serious roles, she was starring in comedies and less dramatic films.

Rachel McAdams Nude Scene In My Name Is Tanino

McAdams has won a Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series for Slings and Arrows as well as a Hollywood Film Award for Breakthrough Actress for Wedding Crashers, The Family Stone, and Red Eye. She also won three MTV Movie Awards for Best On-Screen Team for Mean Girls, Breakthrough Female for Mean Girls, and Best Kiss for The Notebook with Ryan Gosling. Since then, she’s graduated to more intense work and has even felt more comfortable in front of the camera by baring it all.

The first romantic film she starred in was the Canadian film My Name Is Tanino in 2002. This film, which follows an Italian liberal arts student who has a fling with an American girl and decides to track her down in the United States, is the first time she is featured topless in a movie; but it certainly wasn’t the last. Since then, she’s starred in the 2012 movie Passion ,where she’s is into freaky stuff in the bedroom. Her character Christine is an advertising executive who tries to ruin the life of her associate Isabelle (Noomi Rapace) who had an affair with her husband. However, Christine’s power play is to seduce Isabelle and ruin her reputation and personal and professional relationships. The sex scenes push McAdams out of her comfort zone with sexy lingerie, masks, and wigs for an erotic adventure.

While she has been rumored to star in Marvel’s Dr. Strange, McAdams can be seen in Southpaw and HBO’s True Detective, both of which are gritty roles for the seemingly squeaky clean actress. She is also slated to star in Spotlight, a film about how the Boston Globe uncovered a massive child molestation scandal that had been covered up within the Catholic Archdiocese. She will be starring alongside Michael Keaton, Liev Schrieber, Mark Ruffalo, and Stanley Tucci, and this star-studded cast already speaks volumes. There is no doubt that Rachel McAdams will continue to rise in the ranks of Hollywood.

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True Detective’s Alexandra Daddario

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