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The 10 Sex Toy Essentials Every Woman Should Have


These 10 sex toy essentials are a must have for every woman’s night stand.

Written By

Stella Rae 

After finding work at a sex toy store during college, Stella Rae began to reveal and explore her deviant side. Bringing her love of sex toys into amateur porn was her calling and she excelled at it. Stella has recently found love and retired from the adult movie world, but has brought her sex experience and sass to FGM to finally put that college degree to use.

All aboard the train to Pleasure Town! Grab your one way ticket, pack your bag of sex toys, and hop on! With these 10 sex toy essentials every woman should have, there is always a new destination right around the next bend! Women should be comfortable with their sexuality and sexual appetite, and what better way to feed that need than with sex toys? Start out nice and slow with a blindfold, then dive into full-on penetration like never before. The possibilities with sex toys are endless and so is the pleasure. Women hold the key to their sexual satisfaction, and when you take control of what they have in their sex toy box, the possibilities are infinite. These are the 10 sex toy essentials every woman should have!


10. Blindfold

Without getting too daring, this basic essential in your toy chest can make for a sensual, sexy time. The element of surprise when a blindfold is added into the routine can make the level of arousal even more heightened. Without your ability to see, all of your other senses will be on high alert. The thrill of not knowing where his mouth or body will move next is exciting. Add a blindfold to enhance your vanilla sex life or mix it in with your toys as well. Blindfold him as you caress and touch his body in new, exciting ways, or let him blindfold you as he takes control of your orgasm.


9. Anal Plug

Ass play isn’t for everyone, but maybe one night you’re going to get a little brave. Do you really want to pass up the opportunity for this kind of sexual experience because you’re not prepared? I didn’t think so. A must have in your super adult toy box is a butt plug. Your ass has a whole new set of nerves and pleasure receptors that are different from those in your vagina. With the right toy and execution of that toy, you will experience a whole different kind of orgasm. Don’t rule it out just yet. Always be prepared.


8. Nipple Clamps

Don’t you sometimes feel like your nipples are left out of the equation during sex? During foreplay they are often the star of the show, but once you actually begin to do the deed, your nipples are left by the wayside. Nipples are one of the most sensitive parts of your body, so include them in the stimulation from start to finish. There are plenty of toys for nipple play, so find the ones that suit you the best. Nipple toys are the perfect staple in your sex toy collection because you can use them when you’re flying solo, because our two hands simply can’t be everywhere at once. Or hand them over to a partner to allow him to test your limits. Just adjust the tension to your comfort level and enjoy hands free nipple play!


7. Kegel Balls

Kegel Balls are the gift that keep on giving. They will definitely feel good inside of you, and after several workouts, the hard work will pay off. Kegel balls work out the kegel muscles inside of your vagina, and with strengthened muscles comes a strengthened orgasm. Kegel balls come in a variety of options, so you can experience vibrations while you work the muscles, or use weighted balls that will stimulate you from the inside. There’s something for everyone when it comes to kegel balls, which is why no woman should go without one in their favorite toy box.

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6. Dildo

Glass. Veiny. Purple. 10 inches. Silicone. Textured. The list goes on and on. One of the reasons that dildos are such a necessity in every woman’s toy box is because there is something for every single person. Buy your dream dick and have the ultimate orgasm. Or experiment with different types to find your favorite one. Incorporate a dildo into your sex life with a partner to experience all facets of penetration. The options for use are just as diverse as the types of fake dicks available.


5. Handcuffs

Whether you fancy yourself more submissive or dominant in the bedroom, handcuffs are a must have for every woman. These little, mostly ignored, sex toys are a great addition to your sex toy chest. Restrain your man while you take complete control of his orgasm or be the restrainee and let him be the master of sex as he owns you sexually.


4. Paddle

Spanking isn’t just some BDSM fetish that leaves women crying and unable to sit for week. Or maybe that is the kind of thing that gets your juices flowing. Either way, a paddle is a necessity in your sex life. Available in a variety of textures and sizes, paddles add a little spice in the bedroom. And they’re not just for wailing someone on the ass. Subtle, soft smacks on the rear can send you into overdrive and crave that wild sex. But maybe a paddle isn’t your thing. Sub that out for a whip or a feather teaser. Pair that with the blindfold at the beginning of the list and you will have a first class ticket to Pleasure Town.


3. Vibrator

Every woman wishes every man ran around with a vibrating dick that had six different settings and eight different speeds. But let’s face it, the age of robotic dicks on our male counterparts is not yet a reality. Fortunately, there are vibrators to make up for it. Available in many sizes, shapes, colors, and textures, there is definitely a vibrator for everyone. The nerves inside of your vagina are stimulated in a completely different way when you use a vibrator than just having plain old sex. That’s not to say that a vibrator can’t be included into sex with a partner. Just use your imagination. The options are endless, which is why every woman should own a multi speed dick in their toy collection.


2. Bullet

If you’re like most women, you can’t get off without a little clit action. Which is why a bullet is so incredibly important in your sex toy repertoire. Focus all your attention on the most receptive part of your body and experience an orgasm that you are in charge of. Use the bullet for additional pleasure during intercourse or to masturbate alone when you’re in need of a good orgasm. Bullets are generally small in size so they are easy to travel with, and their quiet motor offers discreet pleasure on a whim.


1. Rabbit

Ah the trifecta! The most important of all sex toys for every woman to own. The Rabbit. The Rabbit is a vibrating dildo with an additional piece attached at the base to include clitoral stimulation into the mix. Rabbits come in a variety of sizes and shapes but one thing that remains true of all Rabbits is that it delivers a power packed orgasm. As the tip tickles your G-spot, the dildo will fill you on the inside and the Rabbit will send you over the edge with sensation. Get the best of all worlds with a Rabbit, the number one essential sex toy.

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