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Posted by on Jun 20, 2015 in News | 0 comments

The Sex Lives Of Married Pornstars


Many married pornstars maintain a healthy sex life, on and off the camera.

When your job is giving blow jobs to well endowed men, when orgasms become par for the course, when the prospect of being in a three way looks like it excites you, what must your spouse think when you come home from work and say, “not tonight honey, I am just not in the mood.” Well what if the other spouse is eating women out for breakfast, lunch and dinner and bending some woman over a desk for a little afternoon delight, and he comes home from work saying, “sweetheart, if I have to look at one more pussy, I am going to go crazy.”

Ladies and gentleman, when porn stars marry porn stars is that the ultimate fantasy or the ultimate disaster? Though one would think these couples could at least keep things alive in the bedroom with all of the props they bring home from work, but on the other hand, that the husband might have to use to jerk off, the bedroom might be the last place they want to be.

There are several well-known porn unions. Jenna Jameson, known as the Queen of Porn was married to Brad Armstrong, also known as the King of Porn. Perfect right? Those two could make each other come all night long. Wrong. That lasted 5 years. Even kings and queens cannot make it work. Jameson married another pornstar and that only lasted 3 years; While Brad the King married porn actress Jessica Drake in 2006.

Porn actress Brandy Aniston, aka Tatum Pierce, is married to Barry Scott, another adult entertainer and they seem to be doing ok. Perhaps they make it work by being like regular married couples and not having sex at all. Though according to her Wikipedia page, she was nominated for Best Boy/Girl sex scene with her husband at the 2015 AVN awards. But, they didn’t win. Things that make you go hmmm.


Married pornstars might just be like you and me, although without the fake tits and fully hairless bodies. But wouldn’t be nice to know that you are getting laid by someone who really knows what they are doing? Like if your husband was a plumber and he could fix your toilet for free? Or your wife was a hairdresser and could give you a really good haircut?

Let the fantasy be that Mr. and Mrs. Pornstar are having multiple orgasms four to five times a week and no one is ever too wiped out from a day on the set to have a headache. Here’s hoping.

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