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Posted by on Dec 25, 2015 in American Ads, Erotic ads, German Ads, Italian Ads, Spanish Ads | 0 comments

Too much sex in advertising

I have just come back from Las Vegas with a couple of my friends at London escort. We had a great time, but one thing we noticed is how much sexier American advertising when compared to European and British advertising. It is really in your face, and I have to say that I was a bit put off. Some of the other girls from London escorts also thought that the Americans have gone to far, and the Americans are over exposed to sexy advertising. They never do anything in half measures in the US, it is ll full on all of the time.

In Las Vegas you will even come across advertising from escorts agencies. There is no way London escort agencies would be allowed to do that sort of advertising. It is really explicit and I found most of it way over the top. The girls are not really sexy, they are sort of raunchy and it does not look nice. As London escorts we proud ourselves on being classy not raunchy, and most of girls thought that the advertising for escorts agencies in Las Vegas, is a bit cheap and nasty. I am not so sure if I would like my agency represented in that sort of way.

During our stay in Las Vegas, I started to wonder of this is the reason why so many American gents like to date London escorts. The truth is that as London escorts we do date a lot of American gents who visit London on a regular basis. I am not so sure that is the only reason they like to date us, but they do treat us very nicely. In Las Vegas in was easy to spot an escort out on a date, but in London, it is very dif´Čücult to do the same thing.

Would I want to work for a Las Vegas escorts agency? No thank you, I am happy to work for London escorts and I really enjoy my job at my agency. I think that London escorts are a bit better at what they do and this is why we attract some more sophisticated gents. That being said, I am sure that there are some English guys who would think that dating babes in Las Vegas would be fun. However, I do wonder of these escorts would end up embarrassing the hell out of their dates.

I am not a snob but I think that all Charlotte London escort services that I know of are better than Las Vegas ones. We looked at some of the sites and many of the sites were a bit like porn sites. There is no way you would get me to pose like that and I am pretty sure that most London escorts would feel the same. I think that we would like to retain some of our touch of class and just be sexy looking ladies without any raunchy input. I like escorting but I cannot see myself doing it Las Vegas style here in London!

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