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Posted by on Jan 26, 2016 in News | 0 comments

Vintage Pin Up Girl Movies

Men are voyeurs. Women are exhibitionists. And Pin-up girls were the early 1920’s manifestation of that ideology. Before there were webcam websites, there were still women willing to take it off on camera. The “new woman” of the 1920’s boldly asserted their right to dance, drink, smoke, and date as well as to work their own property. They started to live free of the strictures that governed her mother’s generation. She flouted Victorian-era conventions and scandalized her parents. In many ways, she controlled her own destiny. This new found spirit of the early 20th century women, paved the way for the most rapid advancement in women’s rights in the history of the world. No greater century has existed for women than the 20th century. At the turn of the century, women represented less than 6 percent of the US workforce. By 1923, that number had reached nearly 25 percent.

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