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Posted by on Oct 2, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Will Lifelike Sex Toys Be The New Norm In The Future?


WIth more and more people turning to love dolls for pleasure, lifelike sex toys may be the norm in the future.

When you think of the perfect partner to deliver a mind blowing orgasm, do they have big boobs or tiny perky tits? Are they blonde, brunette, or maybe even a ginger? Are they a man or a woman? Now with the multi-billion dollar industry of sex dolls, you can personally create the partner of your dreams, from dick length, boob size, body type, and in some cases, the way they landscape “down there.” While sex toys are always a fun and creative way to take care of your needs, some people are looking for more of intimate, human feel. The only problem, they don’t want an actual human to accompany them in their perfect solo act. According to studies, having sex with lifelike sex toys has proven so fulfilling, that many are opting for it 100% of the time. While it may not be their idea of a good time for some, for others, they are buying into the industry wholeheartedly. With the inclusion of more realistic and human-like features, it’s possible that numbers will be on the constant incline for years to come. Not to mention, there’s no more tiring out before reaching that-toe curling orgasm, thanks to the robotics that will make these toys your perfect partner.

Matt McMullen is the artist and entrepreneur who is modernizing the industry giving the people what they want. Literally. With his company, RealDoll, customers can buy anatomically correct dolls that are completely customizable from the color of their hair to the size of their feet. Pubic hair is one of the most requested customizable features and it can be colored to match the hair on the head of the doll as well. But if you prefer bare windows then that can also be taken into account. In an interview with Business Insider, McMullen said, “I was always driven to sculpt females and it just evolved. And this was like the logical progression of what I wanted to do with my artistic abilities and my desire to create.” Initially, his goal was not to make a real-life doll. He wanted to make a more realistic mannequin with sexy curves. And he has definitely achieved that.

With an attraction to full perky breasts, round booties, and long slender legs, there was a definite draw for David Mills to become interested into the products at RealDoll. Mills, the author of Atheist Universe: The Thinking Person’s Answer to Christian Fundamentalism, has learned about the company through the hilarious yet politically incorrect animated series, Family Guy. He was convinced that the photos were of real people specifically models because they looked realistic. A Google search and a view of the website proved otherwise instantly piquing Mills’ interest. “I thought, well, gee, I would enjoy something like that!” he said in an interview with Vanity Fair. “I mean, I love women. God, I absolutely love women and especially their legs. That’s what attracts me to a woman as much as a face, if not more.” He did, however admit that there was a huge problem because he doesn’t like to be around people very much. He patiently waited three and a half months for his perfect woman. For him that happened to be a “Body A” RealDoll2 model who is petite weighing 83 pounds but has enough to hold in the right places measuring 33-24-35. Taffy, which is what Mills named her, also has customized freckles and only cost a little over $7,000. Mills thinks that was money well spent saying in that same interview, “Not everybody wants to be in a relationship, especially an emotionally draining, costly, anxiety-filled one. If a man says, ‘I don’t want to be in a relationship,’ most of the time that’s probably a fucking good decision! And he can order a RealDoll, which will end up being a helluva lot cheaper than the women he was dating! If a man has a hundred or no girlfriends, RealDolls are a good option no matter what.”

There are several men who understand exactly where Mills is coming from. Some men feel unwanted by actual women, but like any human, they still yearn for companionship of some sort. That is where the RealDolls come into play. That concept was explored in a 2008 feature film starring Ryan Gosling. The movie follows the life of a shy and quirky man named Lars who introduces his brother and sister-in-law to a wheel-chair bound biracial missionary Bianca. His family is so startled that his “friend” is actually a reallife doll that he purchased off an adult website. Though it took time, his family and the community eventually embraced Bianca who later touched everyone’s life. But aside from the producers of MGM, that is the story of real men who has been portrayed in television shows such as “Guys and Dolls,” as well as “My Strange Addiction,” which was broadcast on TLC.

The network shed light on life of iDollators (or technosexuals) by featuring Davecat, a 40-year-old living in Michigan. The show revealed his life with his wife Sidore Kuroneko and girlfriend Elena Vostrikova. The IT worker admitted that even though he bought mostly bought the dolls that he saved up years to purchase for sex, a small part of his reasoning was about companionship. In a recent article, Davecat expressed his concerns for being in a relationship with what he calls an “organic woman” by talking about his friend who was going through a divorce. “That’s an enormous investment of time, money, and emotion, and I’m not interested in having someone in my life who may bail at any time, or who transforms into someone unpleasant,” said the doll husband. “Ultimately, getting romantically involved with an organic woman doesn’t seem worth it to me.”

In addition to these lifelike customizable dolls that Howard Stern gave his stamp of approval, McMullen’s company is slowly expanding his brand. Aside from ordering women of your liking, women can also order what McMullen calls “love dolls” of the male persuasion. That can mean dolls with a similar likeness to a celebrity, but not 100%. McMullen will only do that if he has the person’s consent, which is what he is creating for his Wicked RealDolls. That line features porn star Jessica Drake who has been known to send clothes for owners of the doll that resembles her. That’s one way what was once viewed as a perverted obsession is becoming more of the norm. With McMullen making at least 10 dolls every week, there is sure to be a RealDoll in a home near you soon complete with full lips and a nice rack.

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