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Posted by on Jun 28, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Will Mike Bring The Magic In Magic Mike XXL?


Women all over the world are ready to see some real magic from Magic Mike XXL.

When men comment on women’s bodies everyone is alright with it. “She has great tits.” “Look at that ass.” They comment on women being stacked, or not stacked enough. Does baby got back? Does she need butt implants? “I’d do her.” Yes, some of these men would do any of us with the right amount of alcohol, but that is not the point.

Forget about us ladies for a minute, forget about how our bodies have been exploited in movies for years, we women want to know what you men are packing. But for some reason, and I just can’t put my finger on it, it seems that there is a double standard. Women naked-yay! Men naked-nay!

I went to see the first Magic Mike hoping that there would be some actual magic. The magic I am speaking of is full frontal magic. Oh wait, is that not ok? Is it not ok that I was thrilled with the size of Jason Segal in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Yes, I admit it. I was thrilled. My boyfriend who I saw it with was not as thrilled because Sarah Marshall would be forgetting him. Sometimes, size does matter. Yes gentleman, it does. Sorry. So I went to see what all the fuss about Channing Tatum was about and I got nothing. Just some hot dance moves; But other than that, nothing to see here girls, just keep moving along.

Magic Mike XXL. Don’t tease me. Please. Again, we will have Channing Tatum; but will we? Joe Manganiello has a kick ass body, but what does Joe Jr look like? Please give me the chance to judge! Matt Bomer is also in this stellar cast. Will we be able to change his name to Matt Boner after this film comes out? I have just got to know.

Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike XXL

And the kicker, no pun intended for any of you football fans, is that Michael Strahan from the New York Giants is in this one;That I have got to see. Word has it, his physically transformation was both incredible and edible, if ya catch my meaning ladies. But will we see if this man really has a “trophy?”

There are endless amounts of movies revealing the female form. Not so many revealing the man in all of his glory. I am thinking that Magic Mike XXL will still keep us ladies wanting more…more for our viewing pleasure. Maybe when the third one comes out….

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